Ok we all know her, (hell maybe we ARE her). You know, the girl who treats her dogs like they’re her human babies. Don’t get me wrong we all love dogs, well... the normal ones of us anyway ;) but some among us love them just that tiny, weird amount extra.


Lets explore the 5 signs that you think your dog is your baby.


 1. You buy them the most comfy cloud type bed you can find, and when that’s not good enough you end up making “their bed” your bed.


2. You take them with you everywhere…and sometimes forget they can actually walk on their own. 

Ok, seriously whats up with these doggy strollers ladies? And the second handbag just to carry the dog, and the dogs stuff?? Its like a diaper bag, if you actually carried your baby IN your diaper bag.



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3. You spend way too much money on their toys, organic food etc.

Im pretty sure my dog actually ate garbage and his own poop for awhile, I doubt his pallet, nor his stomach is sophisticated enough to know the difference between organic and non organic food.



4. You dress them in clothing. (it doesn’t matter if the clothes are made for dogs, they’re still clothes…on a dog)

Ok i totally admit I think clothes on dogs is a HILARIOUS sight! I don't take it as seriously as some people, but I do have a guilty pleasure of dressing my dogs up in halloween costumes....caught.


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5. You throw your baby a birthday party ever year….and invite their doggy friends.


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If one or more of these signs sounds like you, or someone you know then yes, you think that your dog is your human child. Don’t worry even though it’s a little weird, its loving and sweet and we are positive your pup appreciates every. ridiculous. minute. :):)


Send us your fashion pup pics, and your "son" or "daughter" might make a cameo on our Insta!!! :) 


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