#HarperGirls are everywhere! We're smart, ambitious, and yes we love fashion! We're trendy, traditional, edgy, conservative, sexy, modest, girly, tomboyish, casual and glamourous..we're anything we feel like being, with no constraints and no pigeon holes! It just depends on the day, and our mood ;)

We decided to take our blog global to explore what Harper Girls across the globe think, what they do everyday, and the things they see in their neighborhoods. We wanted to find out what their favorite looks and pieces are! So here we go!

This is Kanna..she's from Japan.

Click on her image to get her look :)


Since Japan is a generally conservative place, in terms of women's fashion, her look is pretty edgy! (Do you girl!) Women don't usually show their tattoos in public, and it is more common to see a short skirt than a low cut top, because cleavage is VERY risqué !!

Kanna loves oversized sweaters, distressed denim, boot socks and heeled boots! She also loves faux fur, flannel and leather accents.


In Japan Kanna loves to go to restaurants with her friends, read, and go to the markets. One of her favorite markets is the Ame-yoko (アメ横) market near Ueno station in Tokyo.  It has great oysters and other street vendor foods, and amazing vintage shops filled with vintage military clothes and old 60s fashion, which is a really cool insight into post war occupation. How rad is that?!


This pic is of Kanna with a red gate called a Shinto Torii Gate, in Shirahama on Izu Peninsula (伊豆白浜) in Japan. Its one of her favorite beaches because of the amazing gold sand, beautiful hot springs, and some of the best seafood restaurants on the ocean! In summertime Kanna loves to sport simple cute crop tops, denim cut off shorts and unique sunglasses. She stacks her bracelets, and chooses to let her hair and makeup be natural. This summer she even chopped off her long locks and went with a great androgynous edgy style! :).



One of Kanna's favorite things about Japan (and life in general) is just relaxing and having some quiet time in beautiful scenery! Here she is in Yamanashi Prefecture. Later in the day she went up in a mountain cable car at "Shosenkyo" (昇仙峡) to take in the amazing landscape.



Our personal favorite shot is this one of Kanna at Kawaguchi Lake (河口湖). The great Mt. Fuji in the background is just breathtaking and we love Kanna's shirt dress and cute fedora combo!


#HarperGirls are everywhere, not just because we ship worldwide ;) but because Harper represents every type and style of girl worldwide!

Keep sending us your stories and styles, we LOVE to share them!